Hi! My name is Kimberly Campbell and I teach 6-8th grade Science and 6th grade History! I have been teaching since 1992, and I treasure my time here at Ophir STEAM Academy!!! I love teaching and absolutely thrive in working with the middle school student. I constantly encourage students to question everything in order to create, understand and support their world view. Students will learn that they are capable of most anything they set their minds to and that all people are wonderfully and beautifully made. I believe in all students and strive to teach them to believe in themselves.
History in 6th grade is fascinating! Looking at Ancient Civilizations and how actions from thousands of years ago affect our daily lives is amazing! Students will learn to appreciate and be in awe of the intelligence and hard working nature of past civilizations. Analyzing how, through the use of 'current' technology, ancient people groups were able to accomplish so much will cause the students to see that people are capable of so much, even with so little. Hopefully, studying history will inspire the student to better their future.

Science is an intriguing subject and my goal is to prove to all students that science is important and exciting. Throughout the year, we will be focusing on different topics that are relevant and applicable to their daily lives. Class activities and discussions will delve into how science is truly in action in and around us at all times and in doing this, students will be challenged to study different aspects of science in order to gain a deeper understanding. Science goes far beyond the obvious and so will our class. I am looking forward to a fantastic year!!! As always, please come by at any time.

Be sure to visit these important and informative sites:
            Ophir STEAM Academy's Middle School Website at:   https://ophirmiddleschool.wordpress.com/
            My class page:     http://mrscampbellophir678.weebly.com/

If needed, please feel free to contact me at:

kcampbell@loomis-usd.k12.ca.us or 530-885-3595